Why I Use ViralTag to Schedule My Pins {And How I Make Thousands}

Okay, so I’m pretty new at this whole blogging thing, and I quickly learned how important Pinterest is when marketing your website. Seriously, I tripled my blog traffic after a few months of pinning. The only downside is that Pinterest is super time consuming. As a student, I don’t have time to set aside three hours every day where I pin organically from my blog. When I started school, I didn’t devote as much time to Pinterest, and my blog lost a ton of traffic. Seriously, I was considering giving up on blogging altogether! Definitely a bummer for budding bloggers like myself!

 Thankfully, I came across this really awesome website called Viraltag. Viraltag is a tool that helps you schedule your pins based on popular times to post. And the best part? It pins for you! Simply update your pinning schedules once weekly, and it will fill your Pinterest with fresh content from your website. Constant pinning of quality content is a sure fire way to get picked up by Pinterest, and it almost doubles the chances of your blog post going viral! Use the analytic features provided by Viraltag to determine where your site traffic is coming from, and when the most popular times of the day are!

I was originally hesitant to trust the future of my blog to Viraltag, but I was super glad that I did! Viraltag had an awesome 14 day trial period. I was hesitant to even try the 14 day trial period, because I wasn’t comfortable with putting in my credit card information up front. However, Viraltag is so confident in their service (and I am now, too!) that a credit card wasn’t even necessary to begin the trial. I loved that I wasn’t being roped into something that I hadn’t even tried! I used this 14 day period to become familiar with the pinning software, and I was so impressed! In just fourteen days, I was able to increase my blog traffic by 50% daily.

Viraltag allows users to connect their social media profiles such as Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter, and lets users schedule posts on those social media platforms as well. When your posts are seen on multiple social media platforms, it’s even easier to see increases in site traffic! I was amazed at how much other traffic I got from posting my blog posts on Twitter, and it was so easy to schedule them based on the popular times of the day. Seriously! Just look how easy it is to schedule posts! Totally easy to plan ahead!

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There are no limits to how many posts your Viraltag account can support, and with no limits, you can post as much (or as little!) as you want! If you are looking to grow your blog, and reach even more readers, I strongly suggest that you check out this amazing Pinterest marketing tool. Not only will your site views increase, but your monthly payout will also. How incredible would it be to get thousands of dollars each month doing something that you love?

Make sure your content gets seen with Viraltag! I am so confident that you will love Viraltag as much as I do, that I am including a link to an exclusive offer for Moody Mooch readers. Try it for free  for 14 days, and then it is a $12 monthly fee. I guarantee that you’ll love it as much as I do!


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