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If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s how much I absolutely love the Harry Potter novels. I fell in love with them when I was younger, and I love that my kids share the same enthusiasm. Seriously, you could ask us anything about the series! I was looking for printable Valentines for Ellie’s (my oldest girl, she’s 7) class party, and I came across this set of completely adorable Harry Potter ones. She fell in love, and so did I.

After discovering these adorable Valentines, I was introduced to a Pinterest world of Harry Potter printables. Seriously. You can make practically anything from the movies! Here are my six favorite printables (just click the header for the link to print!). Wingardium, leviosa!

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  1. Hi, I can’t download the printables 🙁 where do I click? It says the header but it doesn’t click, hehe.

    • Oh no! Really? Which one were you interested in? I can send you a link!

  2. hi, I have tried to get a hold of the free printables, but where it states to click the header for the link, it just isn’t specific enough to give me an idea on how to find the printables/how to print them 🙁

    • Joni,

      I am so glad! Would it have been easier if I did it differently? Everyone is having a hard time, and I want to improve it so it’s easier! I’d love your feedback!

    • I hope so too! The Harry Potter printable is the cutest! I look forward to printing a new one out every month!

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