8 Essential Oils That Will Cure Anything

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Before I begin, it’s really important for me to inform you that I am NOT paid by Young Living for this post. I have been a Young Living user for years, and have really just developed an attachment and a love for the products.

I was skeptical when my Mom told me that a bit of lavender oil could really solve almost ALL of my issues. But guess what? She was totally right. Here are 8 of my favorite essential oils, and many of them have powerful antiseptic properties!

IMPORTANT: This article should not be used as medical advice. ALWAYS see a professional when feeling ill, and use your oils in conjunction with whichever treatment given to you by a doctor. I’d also like to mention that I am getting all of my information from this book. Enjoy!


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    • Melanie,

      Thank you for bringing this to my attention! One of the images was too large, and it was cutting off the remainder of the article. It’s been fixed, and you’re a life saver for telling me 🙂

  1. All the other articles says to never ingest essentialsoils, why is yours different?

    • It is all dependent on the quality of essential oils used. If the oil is wrapped in a white label on the Young Living website, it is certified safe to ingest. 🙂

    • Young living provides a chart for every oil stating which is best diffused, used topically or safe to ingest. Please visit YoungLiving.org.

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