8 Plants That Will Survive In The Bathroom

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Ferns are one of the most low-maintainence plants around. They love areas of high humidity!

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  1. This, article is so wonderful! Thank YOU! (I, have actually grown a plant, MY, son gave to ME–in, MY, bathroom–FOR, 25 YEARS !!!)
    I, wish, I, knew how to post a photo onto, this, page; but, I, don’t! The plant has seven-finger-leaves on, one stem; connected, like the palm of-the-hand; with, smooth edges; and, looks simular to a marihuana-plant; but, is not as, that, plant has five-leaves-per-stem!!! It, has been absolutely the easiest plant I have ever grown! It, is in a pot; and, I, water, it, in the sink–once-a-week; and, let the water run-through-it. I, place, a, ‘stick-fertilizer-plug’, into, the pot; and, everytime, I, water, it, wears-down the stick–just, a, bit–fertilizing gradually. Once, I, ran-out-of, sticks; and, clipped, a, leaf into little-tiny-tiny-pieces; and, placed the bits of leaves on-top-of-the-soil; and, it, worked so well, that, I, have done, that–ever, since!
    Everytime, MY, SON, comes to visit, HE, asked to use the bathroom! 🙂 I, think, HE, likes, the fact, that, something, HE, brought to, ME, from cub-scouts–for, MOTHER’S DAY, is, still, so cherished and beautiful; after, 25 years! I’M, sure, that, it, knows, it’s, loved; and, it, most-likely loves the humidity every morning from the shower; and, I, have often wondered, if, singing in the shower hasn’t hurt-it, either! LOL! 😉
    I, am, thrilled to know, that, Orchids grow in the bathroom! MY, bathrooms have always been light and airy; but, twice, I, had a bathroom with no windows; but, left the light-on–all, day!
    Happy Day! JAN of Little Cottonwood SLC, Utah 84095

    • Jan!

      I would love if I could see a picture. Thank you SO much for sharing your experience with me!

  2. Unfortunately I have no window in my bathroom. I do however, make up for it by having an abundance in my living room. I love to decorate with plants. They are so important to have them around us….not to mention beautiful. Thanks for sharing your post.

  3. It might be a bamboo plant. Perhaps google it to see if it looks like it.

  4. What do u use to kill nats in the plants i have plants in my window aloen vines n others n ther are nats .i try the dawn dish soap n water in a jar but it really don’t work that well.

    • Try putting sand a quater inch thick on top of the soil to avoid the fruit flies (or gnats). They suffocate when they can get through the sand. Eventually they all die in a few days.

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