The Ultimate Care Guide for Growing Lavender Indoors

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Indoor Lavender plants MUST be placed in a southern facing window. Lavender is commonly grown outdoors, and it usually doesn’t do well as a houseplant because it doesn’t receive adequate sunlight. Stick it in a window will full sun and watch it thrive.

**My lavender already resided in a souther facing window, and it was still looking saggy. I love this tip, but I’m hoping I can figure out how to save mine! (image/source)

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  1. Thank you, I have been growing a lavender plant indoors all winter long. I have used all of tips you suggested except the south facing window. My plant has been in a north facing window, but has done beautifully. I keep the light over the sink on at night and cloudy days. It even bloomed during the winter . I also mist it a couple of days a week.

    • Clara,

      I’m super excited that you were able to grow lavender all winter! Do you know what kind of lavender plant it was? Mine is Spanish Lavender, and I’m thinking that it’s not meant to be indoors!

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