How to Hang Your Curtains {Without A Drill}

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Alright, I’ll be the first to admit that as much as I love DIYing, sometimes I cannot BEAR to drill another hole in my wall somewhere! I cannot imagine what my walls would look like without all of the wall decor, and I absolutely shudder at the thought.


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We had really cheap and hideous blinds in our bedroom that had never been updated since we purchased our home, and I was eager for an upgrade! My husband and I want to eventually upgrade to shutters, but curtains are more of the immediate (and easy) fix I was looking for. Until we found time to tackle the shutters anyway!

Determined to save my plaster and paint from another unwanted drilling, I was bound and determined how to figure out how in the world to hang curtains without drilling holes!

But guess what…it’s really super simple!


(image from The Homes I Have Made)

Hang With Command Hooks 

This is exactly what I ended up doing in my home! We purchased two large command hooks and a lighter weight curtain rod. Command Hooks are pretty strong, but I wasn’t willing to test it with heavy curtains AND a heavy rod.

Spray paint them to match if you can’t find the Command Hooks in the correct color, but I just purchased the white Jumbo Command Hooks for like $5. I purchased an adjustable curtain rod from Bed Bad and Beyond. It was the lightest weight one I could find, and the color matched the Command Strips the best!



Each hook comes with a set of sticky pads, stick them in place on the back of the hook. I wanted my windows to appear larger, so I attached the hook slightly above my window frame, and a few inches longer than the window itself. I think it’s worked marvelously!



**I should let you all know that I had originally tried to do this with a tension rod? Seriously. Humiliating. Not only did it not fit the window, but the curtains would have looked absolutely awful. You live and you learn, right? Second time’s the charm!



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  1. OH MY GOODNESS. I just bought a home and it’s hard to hang the curtains and I was wondering how I would do it etc. and found this to be so exciting. I cannot wait to run out and purchase some today.

  2. Do you think this would hold a heavier curtain? I’m a school teacher and need to put curtains up but am worried if they would just peal right off…

    • I would just pick a lighter-weight curtain rod! Instead of a really decorative rod, I just use a lighter weight plastic. It’s held up just fine!

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