8 Reasons You Need Peppermint Oil ASAP

Peppermint oil! Another one of my favorites from Young Living.  I was really excited to write this article, because I carry a small bottle of peppermint around in my purse. It’s really great when you need to freshen your breath, or are dealing with tummy-problems. I always knew that peppermint had a wide variety of uses, but I was amazed to learn how much you truly can do with a tiny bottle of peppermint!

1. Clear Your Sinuses

Stuffy noses are the absolute worst! Clear your head, without any over-the-counter pills, use peppermint oil instead! Diffuse throughout your home, or apply to your chest and sinuses topically. For an alternative, you can add a few drops to a hot shower.

2. No More Munchies

Having trouble staying on track with your diet? I totally get it. I’m a sucker for a few tasty snacks here and there! Curb hunger with a quick whiff of peppermint. Diffusing it at dinnertime can also keep you from over-eating!

3. Wake Up Your Shampoo

Add a couple drops of peppermint oil to your shampoo to help you wake up in the morning. Peppermint is naturally energizing, and it will definitely clear your mind! Peppermint is also the key to a healthy scalp, and is the perfect home remedy for dandruff.

4. Bug Repellant 

Peppermint is hated by bugs. Seriously. All bugs. Ticks, ants, spiders, cockroaches, mosquitos, mice, lice can all be easily repelled with a few drops of peppermint oil.

5. Relieve The Burn!

I was HORRIBLY sunburned on vacation this summer. I was literally purple. Everything was painful, and not even aloe could curb the itch! I diluted a few drops of peppermint oil to coconut oil and I rubbed it on the problem areas. I woke up the following morning, and I was a few shades lighter!

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6. Reduce The Feeling of Nausea 

Feeling nauseous is one of my least favorite feelings. I have a dairy intolerance, and I frequently run into moments of tummy trouble. Add two drops of peppermint to a glass of water to help with nausea. WARNING: Some brands versions of peppermint oil are not safe to swallow. Young Living has been approved by the FDA for consumption. Cool, eh?

7, Sayonara, Painful Headaches!

Painful headache got you down? Rub a drop of essential oils on your temples or the back of your neck. 

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8. Teething

Isn’t it the worst when one of your kids is dealing with teething? It hurts my heart! Peppermint has proven to be an effective analgesic when it comes to teething. Mix peppermint and coconut oil with a 1 to 1 ratio and apply to the affected gum.


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