Homemade Butterbeer

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I’m a COMPLETE Harry Potter nut. Seriously, it’s almost a problem! I was so fortunate to visit Harry Potter World this last February with my family. My kids were ecstatic to be there, but Mom was definitely a little bit more excited than they were 😉

One of the things I was most excited about trying was the Butterbeer in Hogsemede and Diagon Alley. I had read the books for years, and I was hoping my mental “taste” lived up to the actuality!

And oh….it did! There is nothing that compares to a warm (or cold!) cup of Butterbeer, and my kids decided that they HAD to have it at their class party this year (I’m the room Mom, wooo!) so I whipped up an easy recipe!

**Disclaimer: Although it is called “Butterbeer” this beverage is completely non-alcoholic!

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