Handmade Holiday Advent Calendars

The countdown to Christmas is on! It may be a few months too early, but one can never look too far ahead to the holiday season! Instead of buying those gross candy-countdowns at the grocery store, use items found around the house to make one of your own!

The cutest part of this project is the tiny paper sparrows!

We Are Scout

Who knew a wreath would make such a cool advent calendar! Daily presents are ALWAYS a good thing.


Speaking of presents..fill printable gift boxes with daily goodies.

You Are My Fave

Use your blanket ladder as an advent calendar, instead! How darling.

Desire Empire

I love a good Pottery Barn knock-off. Imagine how much this WOULD have cost?

Thrifty Decor Chic

Who knew brown paper bags could look so chic?

Most Lovely Things

You guessed it…those are toilet paper rolls.

Mamas Kram

Crazy colorful!

Fox + Star

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